Sunday, March 30, 2008

We Killed the Fish

The family fish is dying. We killed the fish. At least no one will have to feed him... More to come. We're actually pulling for him to kick off so we don't have to worry about the fish.

Quote of the moment

Attributed to Kaitlyn: "Keep it Disney" in regards to language.

The First Post-Web Site Launch

The web site has been launched for about 30 minutes now and since then the following has happened:

  • Kaitlyn wants a drum or frying pan to wake up Derek and Chris one morning
  • We decided that Kaitlyn should have a dog-style zapping collar to keep her from being mean to any siblings
  • We had a full discussion about who may or may not be PMSing that week. Then Derek started the blog. Its like a confessional booth
  • I think Kaitlyn just said that she'd be willing to sleep on the couch