Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mary Pat is a Hoarder

We have decided we need to have an intervention for Mary Pat. In case you did not know she was going to park her car in the garage this winter....this did not happen. This is not even close to happening. We have now all (and by all I mean Derek, Myself, Stain, Emily and Foley (we know Jenn and Chris are with us as well) decided that the "black hole" or a garage needs to be cleaned out or Mary Pat needs to go on the show Hoarders. We have all placed bets on the completion date and they are as follows: Mary Pat 12/31/12, Dave 1/1/13, Derek 12/31/14 (he is thinking he will win), Stain 8/31/12 (She has no chance of winning), Foley 1/20/13 (he thinks he will win because Stain moves out before that) , Emily 3/13/13 and myself 2/13/13....Jenn and Chris need to add theirs still and this will be updated once they do.

The rules are price is right rules and the winner gets $90. Add your dates in the comments below!