Friday, November 28, 2008

Chris Has Issues

Anyone else notice that Chris' blog has a lot of references to poop? I think he needs help.

This is my second annual gingerbread house decorating day. Nothing like taking an already rambunctious family and loading them up with sugar, sugar and more sugar, lightly covered with a coating of fructose and sucrose. Jon's house collapsed under the weight of the candy roof and recognized it for what it.... a pile of candy and gingerbread, which IS kinda the point in the end.

He was in the loud, crazy room. In the dining room were the serious folks. Chris was in there, but he should have been in the loud, crazy room, since he was trying to build a unicorn... house... thing...

In this family, as in all families, gingerbread builders fall into three camps: 1) create a house that is as realistic as possible using candy for all the typical elements 2) Create a house that is decorated in a symmetrical - or at least creative - pattern, regardless of whether or not it recreates an actual house and 3) Believes that the entire purpose of the house is to serve as a candy carrier. Nothing wrong with either, but the enthusiasm vs. seriousness of the event varies with each. the realistic and pattern builders are far more serious and focus, where as the candy coaters would be content with a sandblaster of M&Ms and NECCO wafers aimed at a frosting covered gingerbread house.

Things are getting almost eerily quiet now... most of the candy coaters are now playing Xbox or already hitting their sugar crash. The others are still focused on their houses. The adults are starting to clean up. I apologize in advance for the green food coloring stains on the kitchen floor....


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