Friday, November 28, 2008

Middle of the end? Or the end of the middle? Or the second time I'm blogging? I don't know. I want to eat some candy. besides from being fun, this event has thus far been torturous...I can't eat any of the candy and I like most of the candy here. Emily just interrupted me and is telling everyone I am blogging. I'm going to poop on her house later. She ruins everything. Oh, wait. That's me. Where was I?

I don't remember. I remember one time that I ate some candy from a bag of candy, and I only ate a piece or two, but then the whole bag was gone. Someone ate my candy and punched me in the stomach. Oh, I remember where I was now. Sorry. Diarrhea of the hands or typewriter or keyboard or notebook or whatever.

So I couldn't eat any of the candy I used to make my gingerbread house/unicorn hybrid. I like unicorni. Sounds better than unicorns. Mine came out horribly because the good ideas in my head didn't look good when they actually got made. Plus, I didn't realize that Karyn, Katie, Bethy, Jenn, Emily, Carlye and Carlos take this very seriously. I would have come prepared. I could make bricks like Karyn, or roofs with frosted mini-wheats like Carlos or something that didn't look like it came from Rudolf's butt like everyone else.

They're talking about me blogging. Fooey on all of them.

Back to the issues. I suck at this and, because it's my job, I ruin everything. Johnny's house fell over (I'm hiring him to build Jenn a house), as did Markies, I think. This is a very long middle of the evening/afternoon/day blog.

Bartles out.

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